Artist/ Band: The Crystal Sun
Title: Landscape
Label: 12 Apostles
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

The Crystal Sunís debut, ĎLandscapeí is heavily dipped in the psychedelic, alternative and progressive rock vibe To achieve this, the band uses a mixture of vintage and virtual instruments. It helped they arenít seeded in being yet another nostalgia band. One of the interesting things about the band is the way they combine contemporary themes with old forms of progressive rock, psychedelia, and krautrock yet with a modern sensibility.

After several listens, I found the music to be very mellow at times, almost leaving me comatose. Iím sure the end result would work better if you had something ďaidingĒ you on the aural journey through the 'Landscape'. Sometimes I hear early Porcupine Tree, the softer side of Radiohead then others a pure late 60ís psych band of your choosing. I'm not really into the more ambient side the band posseses, so I can't really give a recommendation unnless that's what you're into. But if it helps, you can hear their music on MySpace (see link below).

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 2nd, 2008


1. Sunhoney
2. There Is A Field Beyond All Notions Of Good And Evil - Come Meet Me There
3. Landscape
4. Orffyreus' Wheel
5. Hallucinating Angel
6. I Am WIth You Always, Until The End Of The Ages
7. Several Kinds Of Darkness
8. Not All Those That Wander Are Lost
9. Hummingbird

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