Artist: The Amber Light
Title: Goodbye To Dusk, Farewell To Dawn
Produced by: Tobi Untucht
Label/ Date: QuiXote Music/ 2004
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1. A New Atlantis
2. Tartaros
3. Devil Song
4. Gangsters
5. The Drowing Man In My Hands
6. Hide Inside
7. Clock Hands Heart
8. New Day

The Review:

The Amber Light’s debut, Goodbye To Dusk, Farewell To Dawn, contains over an hour of great music which displays a maturity that defies their age. Yes here we have another progressive rock band with members in their early twenties. Another welcomed surprise is that they exclusively use analog equipment and they draw their influences from progressive music both modern and classic. From the modern side of the music, one can hear similarities to Sigur Ros and Radiohead.On the classic side, you can hear some Van Der Graaf Generator influences.

The Amber Light have produced an album that draws on the roots of classic progressive rock and interprets it in a truly modern setting without getting pigeon-holed into a retro or neo label. This is one of the surprise releases of 2004 that will frequent any one of my cd players for years to come. Buy a copy from your favorite vendor and enjoy the melodic journey of the Amber Light.

~Ron for [April 20th, 2004]

Band Members:

Louis Gabbiani - vocals, keyboards & guitar
Jan Sydow - guitar
Rabin Dasgupta - Bass
Peter Ederer - Drums

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