Artist/ Band: Tempest
Title: The Double-Cross
Label: Magna Carta
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Tempest, not to be confused with the fusion band from the 70's, is a progressive rock band with folk elements. Their latest album, The Double Cross showcases how well they blend the progressive rock & folk elements seamlessly. Some of the songs are pure folk sounding while others have the full symphonic epic sound. The Double-Cross is a concept album about Captain Kidd and contains mostly instrumentals and reworked traditional tunes such as “Per Spelmann” as well as the last 4 songs on the CD. It does take a few listens to fully appreaciate the concept and the way the music unfolds.

The core of Tempest consists of Lief Sorbye (lead vocals, mandolins, octave mandolas, harmonica, flute, bodhran, tambourine), Adolfo Lazo ( drums), Michael Mullen (fiddle, viola, vocals), Ronan Carrol (guitars, vocals) & Ariane Cap (bass, vocals). With special guests, Robert Berry (producer, keyboards) and Aaron Shaw (bagpipes) Warren Casey (tapan), Keith Jones (snare drum, djembe) and Jay Atwood (didgeridoo). (Aaron, Warren, Keith and Jay are listed as the "Wicked Tinkers".)

I really like what I heard on this album so much that I’ll be looking in to the band’s previous albums in the very near future. In fact, after several listens, I can say without a doubt that every symphonic or folk progressive rock fan, especially fans of Jethro Tull, Yes and Genesis will enjoy having this album in their collection. This is one of the better releases of 2006, so far and gets a "go get it" recommendation from me.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 18th, 2006


1. Captain Kid
2. Slippery Slide
3. Hangman
4. Black Eddy
5. Whoever You Are
6. Vision Quest
7. Per Spelmann
8. Cabar Feidh
9. Eppy Moray
10. Wizard's Walk

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