Artist/ Band: Takara
Title: Eternity: The Best of 93-98
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

Remember the 80's melodic rock that dominated the airwaves back in the early days of the video generation? Well Takara does!

Takara should have been a mid 80's melodic rock band but they were around between 1993-1998. Seems that Seattle sound didnít phase this band to go for that grunge style. I have to say that, the music of Takara is like going back in time to when I used to hear similar music coming from my brother and his friendís boom boxes. I find this type of music while well played to do nothing for me. I blame this mostly on the over a decade of being a progressive rock fan. Had it been 1990, I may have been able to stomach the music. Now for you hard rock fanís that hated that Seattle sound, hereís a collection of music that will surely rock your world.

This is one of the few hard rock CDS that I have reviewed and I donít think a progressive rock website will do justice to this style of music. If youíve been watching VH1 and the hard rock programs theyíve been playing lately, then youíll dig Takara. They were just a decade too late to make a bigger mark on the world.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 18th, 2004


1. Spotlight
2. Two Hearts Together
3. Restless Heart
4. Fallen Angel
5. Colors Fade
6. When Darkness Falls
7. Days of Dawn
8. Your Love
9. December
10. Last Mistake
11. Lonely Shade of Blue
12. Take U Down
13. Your Love 2Night
14. Don't Wanna Be Alone
15. Blind in Paradise
16. Say U'll Stay
17. Restless Heart (acoustic)
18. Your Love (acoustic)

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