Artist: Taboo Voodoo
Title: Something's Cookin'
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Label/ Date: Lion Music 2002


1. Print of Time [5:16]
2. One For the Road [4:27]
3. Vertical Obesssion [5:38]
4. Clandestine Soul [6:38]
5. Say What [4:54]
6. Full Cycle [4:57]
7. Double Entendre [4:15]
8. Sorcery [6:08]
9. Something About You [4:03]
10. Cannibal Pursuit [5:25]

The Review:

Taboo Voodoo is a power trio fronted by drummer extraordinaire Mike Terrana who has played with everyone from Yngwie Malmsteen, Alex Rudi Pell and Tony MacAlpine.

Together with France's #1 guitar player, Cyril Achard they forge what could be described as modern instrumental fusion with a heavy approach along with a good sense of melody.

~Ron for [January 31st, 2003]

Band Members:

Ivan Rougny - Bass
Mike Terrana - Drums
Cyril Achard - Guitar

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