Artist: Synema
Title: Evolution For A Party of One
Label/ Date: Self release 2002


1. Conception De Renaissance [2:34]
act 1 Design
act 2 Rebirth
2. Would You Like? [2:15]
3. Movement Evolution [1:34]
act 1 Youthful Dreams
4. act 2 Exit Out [6:33]
5. Garden of Circles[2:00]
6. Million Memories [2:40]
7. Traveler of Space and Time [5:14]
8. Banished to Pangea [4:07]
9. Dream Time [5:34]
10. Field, River, Tree. [6:39]
11. As Light [5:49]

The Review:

Basically "Synema" is a cross between Symphonic, Electronic and Neo Prog. The name "Synema" originates from the combination of the words synthetic symphonic and cinema.

Their Influences are Yes, Tangerine Dream, Renaissance, Gentle Giant.Tull, Pink Floyd, Rush and many others.

The music will definately appeal to appeal fans of the above bands as well as fans of Ayreon, Lana Lane & Rocket Scientists.

Evolution For A Part of One is a 45 minute musical journey broken into 11 parts (or songs). Gorgeous musical passages provided by multi-instrumentalists Mike Adkins (also vocalist) & Steve Nellesen backed by wonderful vocals of guests, Mike Hargreaves and Michelle Youngberg.

To take a quote from their website:
"Synemas' music is from the heart and real to the players of it. It has been described as a flavor of many Bands, but unique to its own. Science Fiction and Adventure are the topics we indulge in and painting sonic pictures is our goal."

This is a highly recommended band to watch out for. I see big things happening for Synema!

~Ron for [August 17th, 2002]

Band Members:

Steve Nellesen - Vocals, Guitars (Electric, Acousic & Synthetic), Synthesizers
Mike Adkins - Synthesizers, Percussion (Electric, Acoustic & synthetic), Vocals


Mike Hargreaves - Vocals on "Traveler of Space and Time"
Christine Youngberg - Vocals on " Banished to Pangea"
Gary Rosier - Lead Guitar on "Conception De Renasissance"

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