Artist/ Band: Subject To Thoughts
Title: From Sunrise To Sunset
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

The latest album from Subject To Thoughts ‘From Sunrise To Sunset’ is a nice improvement over the last one “To Embrace The Light” in the vocal department. The music is basically the same. A somber sometimes droning like progressive metal. The album is probably the last chapter of the story created by Mark Mendieta, the main person behind Subject To Thoughts project. I’m not sure of the story but the music provides a very dark gothic soundscape, sometimes on the depressing side.

New to Subject To Thoughts is a lead vocalist/guitarist Brandon Strader who’s voice makes the whole album sound better than with Mark singing lead. I still think they have a way to go before perfecting the sound. I really think if the compositions were tighter and not so repetitive, Subject To Thoughts will be very successful with the prog-metal genre. "From Sunrise to Sunset" album, to my ears has so much potential. I can hear what the band is going for sound wise, maybe they need some outside editing, I can’t say.

In closing, while ‘From Sunrise To Set’ is a step up from the last release, ’To Embrace The Light’, it’s still lacking something. I did however find it enjoyable and can’t wait to hear more from Subject To Thoughts.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 12th, 2007


1. From Sunrise To Sunset
2. Staring Into The Sky
3. The Light Seen
4. A Sign in Belief
5. The Peaceful Serenade
6. Closer to Salvation
7. Whisper
8. Into The Horizon
9. The Morning Emerges
10. Beneath the Questions
11. Revelation to the Answer

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