Artist/ Band: Signal To Noise Ratio
Title: Stan Nieustalony
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

This is my second exposure to the Progressive rock band, Signal To Noise Ratio, from Poland. Just like Demo II the lyrics are sung in with their native language which is fine by me because it almost sounds like another instrument and it vital to the music. The band also includes the English translations in the booklet of one song, Mesjasz.

The music is like the previous recording with its nods to the 70s style progressive/experimental genre but this time around they add a lot of electronics and loops to the instrumentation. This brings a modern factor into the equation but without jeopardizing the established sound from the previous release.

The best description of the band is mixture of what The Red Masque, King Crimson and Paatos achieve in their music. Stan nieustalony is a release hat would appeal more to fans of the more eclectic side of progressive rock. I still wished theyd put a full length release out instead of these EPs. Then, Signal To Noise Ratio will take the progressive world by storm and hold no prisoners!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 8th, 2007


1. Dodekafonia
2. Mesjasz
3. Centryfuga
4. marzenie
5. Centryfuga (6vT Mix)

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