Artist/ Band: Signal To Noise Ratio
Title: Demo II
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

I was presented the second 4 song demo CD from a mostly instrumental band called Signal To Noise Ratio. They’re from Poland and formed sometime in spring 2003. Basically their music has a slight jazzy, gothic (not the electric/dark wave type) and psychedelic edge to it. The songs are closer to improvisation rather than a structured foundation. Their use of not only guitar, bass and drums, but also flute and piano add to a wonderful experimental sound. It actually reminds me of an earlier version of the American band The Red Masque due to the inclusion of female vocals and the similar arrangements found in the music.

So far the band has two demo cds, of which I was able to hear the second. From what I heard, I can’t wait for a proper release from this band. Just the way this band straddles classic and modern progressive sounds, I really think they can be the next big thing in progressive music.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 16th, 2005


1. Eden
2. Entropia
3. Kruk
4. Opium

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