Artist: Spyral

Title: Volcano

Produced by: Ralf Bronckhorst and Thomas Palm

Label/ Date: 3-Owls records/Progrock Records/ 2002


1. The All-You-Can-Eater [4:22]
2. Dried Flowers [5:42]
3. Talk In Your Dreams [3:49]
4. Hangover [5:17]
5. Hero [4:03]
6. Magma Cha Cha [3:04]
7. Loyalty [5:51]
8. The Monkey Mirror [3:55]
9. Log Out [4:08]
10. Kiss Of Life [4:33]
11. The Cleaner [6:16]
12. Safe & Sound [5:42]
13. Nothing Left To Say [8:02]

The Review:

Spyral are Germany's latest entry into the prog-metal world. Along with it's metal sound there are also several neo-prog moments as well.

In many places, the vocals are somewhat reminiscent of Geoff Mann in places. The sound is almost as if Geoff were in a metal band rather than Twelfth Night. This can be heard especially in the song "Loyalty", which is one of the more pleasant arranged songs on Volcano.

One of my concerns is that the guitars seem to be very out of place once they go into the "dirty" mode. There's is just no build up, the razor-edged guitars just appear.

The other concern, although not as important as the first, is the overall sound is stuck somewhere between 80's hard rock, neo prog and prog-metal. Which come off like a misplaced and very chaotic direction or lack of.

Hopefully Spyral's next offering will be more polished and structured. Possibly maybe the band would pay more attention to the instrumentation especially if they pick a genre.

My opinion is that, they should strip away most of that metal sound, thus making them a wonderful sounding neo/symph band that I'm sure would be welcomed by more prog fans.

With all the critcism, there are some very good melodies tat need to be nurtured, not hidden. Spyral is a band to watch!

~Ron for [August 17th, 2003]

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Band Members:

-Michael Gortz - Drums
Richard Burmeister - Guitars, Keyboards
Gerd Golke - Bass
Florian Kogel - Vocals

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