Artist/ Band: Somnia
Title: Ya Fue Suficiente
Label: Viajero Inmovil/ Union De Musicos Independentes
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Somnia is a new modern rock band that has some progressive elements. Hailing from Argentina, the band is quintet, the members are Fredeico Fernández (keyboards), Hernán Naccarato (bass), Nicholás Nuñez (vocals), Gerónimo Pastore (drums) and Sebastián Perossa (guitars). It’s hard to really tell since everything on the CD and the band’s website is in Spanish.

The toughest audience to convince on the legitimacy of the “prog” element would be the fans of classic progressive rock Sadly I’ve noticed they’re even more critical than the mainstream critics. But in the spirit of progressive rock, I’d say approach this band with an open mind. There are no long-winded self indulgent exercises here, just extraordinarily intelligent modern rock. Most of the songs have a straight forward style to them so perhaps in the truest sense, they’re not a progressive rock but that really doesn’t matter because they do a fantastic job in my book.

The only draw back is the fact that the music is sung in Spanish and would have a limited way to market them but the voice just fits so well within each song. To have them sing in English would probably change what the band sound already is, and to me that’s not a good enough sacrifice to make. So again, approach with an open mind. You will be rewarded with some wonderful modern music that is miles beyond where the mainstream is at.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on , 2005


1. Primaveras En Mi Ser (3:58)
2. Ya Fue Suficiente (3:46)
3. Yo Soy Lo Mejor (4:15)
4. Demasiadas Excusas (4:00)
5. Casi Vos (2:56)
6. Esto Es (3:30)
7. Tres (2:58)
8. Convencerte (3:59)
9. Nuestro Mar (4:56)
10. Juegos De Niños (4:04)

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