Artist: Smokin' Granny

Title: Tarth Shooke

Produced by: Brian K. Preston

Label/ Date: Metaphoric Music Productions/ 2002


1. Dark Matter [1:07]
2. Tarth Shooke [6:08]
3. Prologue [1:15]
4. Far Places [2:43]
5. Assembler [4:22]
6. Whisper I [:54]
7. For Hysterical Porpoises [3:50]
8. Tunnels [4:18]
9. Fuma Sin Feugo [5:32]
10. Whisper II [:46]
11. The Legend of Jack Reethan [4:32]
12. Spacevox... [:34]
13. Tethered Sky... Skewed Wisdom [7:46]
14. Please Don't Bite [1:10]
15. Whisper III [1:08]
16. Virgin Flight of the Mumblepies [9:02]
17. Sekhmet Habit [2:36]
18. Epilogue [1:12]

The Review:

Same great music, the only difference this time around is the inclusion of V drums, which in my opinion is the best representation of how well the V drum can be used without replacing “real” drums.
Ever since hearing the V drum used in King Crimson’s The ConstruKction of Light, I’ve shyed away from wanting to hear another V drum. “Tarth Shooke”, Smokin’ Granny soon changed my mind by the way the V drum and “real” drum sounds are used together. They made it sound enjoyable to listen to rather than a distraction.
All instrumentations on “Tarth Shooke” are in tune with modern times without stepping into other genres. Thankfully there’s no endless wanking that usually can be heard on instrumental based bands of today. All that can be heard here is only strong powerful soulful playing, as it should be (in my opinion). One of the strong points to me is that the music blends of all band member’s contributions as a whole rather than a group of soloists.
Smokin’ Granny is one of the better American progressive bands to come out in years and I see them on the music scene for many years to come. If you’re in the South East area, or close enough to travel, please do yourself a favor and see this band live. They can use the support especially of those that purchased their cds so far.

This is one of the better releases of 2001. Buy it if you haven’t already!

~Ron for [September 4th, 2003]

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Band Members:

Brian Preston - Basses
Todd Barbee - Saxaphones
Jeffery Damon Lindsey - V drums, Acoustic drums
Steve Hatch - Guitars
David Oskardmay - Acoustic guitars

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