Artist: Smoikn' Granny

Title: Sirius Matter

Produced by:

Label/ Date: Metaphoric Music Productions


1. Barnacle Bob's Big Bang Bonanza [5:15]
2. Neutral Pulse [9:25]
3. Moveable Feast [7:19]
4. Stud Chick [1:20]
5. Edible Polymers [2:22]
6. Expecting Fullfillment [5:52]
7. Squid [6:16]
8. Ghost Catcher Box [2:08]
9. Toad Pizza [3:09]
10. Bhairava [4:59]
11. Crankcase [4:58]
12. Alien Space Journey [4:30]
13. Lemon Jerky [3:58]
14. Road To The Desert [4:23]

The Review:

While most modern American progressive bands try to sound like their idols, Smokiní Granny just use their influences as a frame or a starting point to explore which puts the band, in my opinion, in a league of itís own.

For example on their debut Sirius Matter one can hear a hybrid of such classic American progressive music of Happy the Man, along the jazz-fusion stylings of Mahavishnu Orchestra laced with classic guitar sounds of King Crimson (notably between 1973-84).

Iíve read some reviews and saw several mentions to Frank Zappa. Unfortunately Iím not familiar with Frankís work so I can nether confirm or deny such influences. However I do hear many quirky passages throughout their music which can be attributed to the influence of Frank Zappa.

On Sirius Matter thereís a collection of those explorations. Songs ranging from a minute to just past the 9 minute mark. To my ears the songs never stray away from their direction. Thereís no endless noodling for the sake of noodling. All members insert their part and maintain a band format rather than a group of soloists.

For a reference point, if you enjoy newer bands like Echolyn, Land of Chocolate, Spaced-Out even Addison Project then Smokiní Grannyís cds will fit in nicely in your collection.

In conclusion, if you havenít already purchased this wonderful disc, then please do yourself a big favor and get it. You wonít regret it! I know itíll be a favorite in my player for years to come.

~Ron for [September 4th, 2003]

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Band Members:

Todd Barbee - Saxaphones
Jeffery Damaon Lindsey - Drums & Percussions
Brian K. Preston - Basses
David Oskardmay - Guitar & Effects
with -
John Heitzenater - Guitars & Bassoon
Steve Hatch - Electric Guitars

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