Artist/ Band: Simone Fiorletta
Title: Parallel Worlds
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

This excellent Italian guitarist is only 23 years old and from his youngest age, he always loved playing music. He started by learning to play piano when he was still only a kid, but later on discovered guitar and it became his favourite instrument. His passion. With Andrea Scala – who plays drums on Mistheria’s album “Messenger of the Gods” – he founded a metal band called “Moonlight Comedy” (which I never listened yet). But “Parallel Worlds” is his first solo instrumental project. Simone Fiorletta wrote and produced all his songs. It has nine tracks plus a bonus track and the album has a length of about 45 minutes.

I never knew about this artist before to listen to his album some weeks ago so I was quite surprised the first time because I was not expecting an instrumental CD at all, lolll. However, I liked it straight and the pieces are all great from the first till the last one. Simone is INCREDIBLY talented and his style is in the vein of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteem. The album is very emotional; sometimes sweet (“The First Day of Life” and “Lullaby For Laura”) and energetic and speedy at other times (“Parallel Worlds” and “That’s My Truth”). But it’s definitely “lively” and relaxing at the same time. The parallel between both moods is something that I liked very much. You can easily listen to it before to sleep – in fact, IT IS good music to sleep. ;-) I really have no favourite songs as all of them are great ! Well, maybe “Blue Eyes” is my favourite one. It’s mostly calm. All the melodies are interesting and don’t sound the same from one piece to another. So I like the switch of mood from one track to the other. For sure, it seizes you inside ! I would rate “Parallel Worlds” 8.5/10, which I think is very good !! This album is worth to be listened and for sure I’ll be looking forward to hear the next one !!!

Great job, Simone !!!! I don’t get tired of your music and your talent as a guitarist is just amazing !!! I’m very glad that I discovered your CD. :-)))

Reviewed by Vikie Martel on December 27th, 2005


1. Parallel Worlds (3:55)
2. For You (3:51)
3. The 1st Day Of Life (4:20)
4. Blues Eyes (5:13)
5. That’s My Truth (3:37)
6. Alone In The Rain (6:27)
7. Again With You (4:57)
8. Your Rest (2:37)
9. A Strange Evolution (5:19)
10. Lullaby For Laura* (5:09)

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