Artist/ Band: Signs of One
Title: Innerlands
Label: Unicorn Digital
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

In 2008, Signs of One, a progressive rock quintet from Quebec released their first CD on the Unicorn Digital label called ‘Innerlands‘. This was also the band’s second CD, the first was released independently in 2003 and I’m sure upon the success of Innerlands, it’ll resurface. The band’s origins go back to 1997 when they were called Hannibal, a covers band. The birth of the band’s new sound was created in 1999 thus renaming themselves, Signs Of One. The band consists of David Schram (vocals), Steeve Tremblay (guitars, vocals), Dan Gagnon (bass, vocals), Yannick Lapointe (keyboards, guitar, vocals) and Phil Prince (drums, percussion).

Innerlands is a 70-minute concept album done in 14 parts and is about a guy who gets caught up in a fantasy world that becomes a journey of self discovery and heroism. The songs segue into each other making it feel like one long piece. Almost in the same way Marillion’s Misplaced Childhood was done. I’d go as far as adding the comparison of Queen’s ‘II’ album. Several listens later, I would place Signs Of One as a mixture of Marillion and Queen.

This is one of the albums I’ve come across that I don’t have a favorite or highlight due to the continuing feel to the music on whole. This is not an album you can just stop in between listens, in fact you feel compelled to finish the music al journey. Best results can be found by listening with headphones with a cleared mind.

In closing I would recommend this band and their ‘Innerlands’ release as one of the best discoveries of 2008. It’s a welcomed addition to any library of fans of art and progressive rock especially bands like Queen and Marillion to name a few. I’d suggest you go out and get ‘Innerlands’ at your favorite vendor ASAP!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 13th, 2008


I. Reverie
II. Innerlight
III. Frantic Memories
IV. Confusion
V. Wise Man
VI. The Rain Comes
VII. Innerlands
VIII. Rainbow Elves
IX. Hope
X. I
XI. Farewell Master
XIV. Fate

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