Artist/ Band: Seventh Wonder
Title: Waiting In The Wings
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Made up of five members – guitarist Johan Liefvendahl, bassist Andreas Blomqvist, drummer Johnny Sandin, keyboardist Andreas Söderin and singer Tommy Karevik – the progressive Swedish band “Seventh Wonder” was formed in 2000. They released to this date two demos (between 2001 and 2003) and a first album called “Become” (in 2005).

I didn’t hear any of them yet, but seems like critics were unanimous: the album was acclaimed and became a runaway success everywhere. And I wouldn’t be very surprised that their last album “Waiting in the Wings” becomes a hell of a hit too !

This second piece of work is made of 9 tracks and has a total length of almost one hour. Most of the tracks are long but they’re still too short for my taste, haha ! I could take the double, I wouldn’t care !

Not only I consider this masterpiece as one of the best albums of the year 2006, but it’s also one of my favourites of all times. One of the best in my CD collection, progressive or not. A real treasure to me that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to any progressive metal fan. It’s a PERFECT album. No kidding. Every single song is great from the first to the last second. All of them are as good as the other, yet they are tinged with different emotions. At any moment, there are heavy parts, very sweet ones, very fast others, etc. You’ve got all you need there. Which one is the best? Easy. I reply: ALL OF THEM. Yet I still have a weakness for “Devil’s Inc.”, “Star of David” and “Waiting in the Wings”.

If you love “Dream Theater” and “Mind’s Eye”, you’ll find something very interesting here too because we can recognize some influences in “Seventh Wonder”. In my opinion, there is a wonderful mix of both bands here (especially DT for the vocals and ME for the music), though SW is still unique. But wait to hear vocalist Tommy Karevik !

At first, I won’t lie to you that you will can not prevent yourself to think of James LaBrie. It’s astonishing how much their vocals are similar ! But after some spins, you will see how much he’s unique at the end. I don’t think other vocals could have fit better with the music than that of Karevik. His vocals are clear, “alive”, communicative and so beautiful!

I heard that in the past, before this album, “Seventh Wonder” had some different singers. Well, hopefully now Tommy Karevik is there to stay. He’s one of the most talented singers in the world in my opinion and you better remember his name because I guess we’ll hear talking about him quite often since the album is out. You’ll see ! ;-)

Wow. I’m so impressed by the quality of this CD ! (Note that the excellent Daniel Flores participated engineering the album…) I cannot find words to describe it. The musical parts, the solos, the choruses; the composition is perfect ! It’s complex. Totally amazing. I cannot imagine someone coming up with negative comments for this band and album.

Basically, I repeat it, if you like “Dream Theater” and “Mind’s Eye”’ style, you will like “Seventh Wonder” (for sure !) because their material is in the same vein and of the same caliber. Don’t know what I could say more to convince you…but at the end, you’re the only judges !

In a few words, “Waiting in the Wings” should be rated no less than 10/10 on everything. For its awesome and kick ass songs, for its even more kick ass vocals and music !!!

I tell you, if you don’t know them yet, listen to a couple of their tracks and you’ll understand why they are second on my Top 10 list of 2006. Probably on my Top 5 of all times, too ! They are really great, they rock, their music is simply brilliant and well, I think anyone could only love it ! Another wonderful album to dig for you… Have fun !

Reviewed by Vikie Martel on January 10th, 2007


1. Star Of David
2. Taint The Sky
3. Waiting In The Wings
4. Banish The Wicked
5. Not An Angel
6. Devil's Inc
7. Walking Tall
8. The Edge Of My Blade

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