Artist/ Band: Senza Nome
Title: Senza Nome
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Senza Nome (No Name) are an Italian band that was formed five years ago in the Rome area. Their, self-titled debut album mixes of elements from Italian progressive rock of the ‘70s (Banco, PFM, Le Orme, Il Balletto di Bronzo) and the ‘90s (Finisterre, La Maschera Di Cera, DFA). Unlike those bands, there really hasn’t been that much press, hype or even a blurb of this damn fine debut, except for a few of the more popular sites.

The album opens with a three part suite called “Illusioni di un’anima lontana” (“Illusions of a Distant Soul”). The three parts are subtitled, “Tesi” (“Theses”), “Antitesi” (“Antitheses”), “Sintesi” (“Syntheses”). This contains mostly soft, shy, vocals in the first and final parts. What a way to open an album!

There are two long songs, one can be deemed an epic. “Tumore” (“Cancer”) is mostly instrumental with some lyrics. The other, which is 11 plus minutes, “Ulisse” (“Odysseus”) .I feel both of these songs along with the three-part opener are well worth the price of admission alone.

Ending the album are two of the shorter tracks, the vocal “Si La Do” (included as a video clip too) and instrumental “Sopra a un pensiero” (“Upon a Thought”). The music on this album is perfect for the fans of melodic and complex, especially Italian, style progressive rock. I would without any hesistation, highly recommend this album to the fans of the aforementioned bands.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on Novemeber 19th, 2008


1. Illusioni di un’anima lontana (I) – Tesi (4:38)
2. Illusioni di un’anima lontana (II) – Antitesi (4:59)
3. Illusioni di un’anima lontana (III) – Sintesi (2:32)
4. Passi (5:00)
5. Tumore (8:21)
6. Non sono mai esistito (3:59)
7. Ulisse (11:45)
8. Si la do (2:40)
9. Sopra a un pensiero (2:51)

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