Artist/ Band: Secret Oyster
Title: Sea Son
Label: Laser's Edge
Year of Release: 1974/ 2006
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The Review:

Sea Son is coincidentally both the second Secret Oyster album Iíve had the pleasure to hear and the second one to be reissued by The Lasers Edge. I found this album to be a little more enjoyable though. It was originally released in 1974, but to my ears sounds fresh in 2006. Sometimes fresher than some newer bands. "Sea Son" will definitely satisfy fans of prog-fusion especially bands like of Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return To Forever or Brand X, to name a few. Itís chock full of ripping guitar soloing as well as equally impressive keyboard parts throughout.

Sea Son also comes with bonus tracks to flesh out the cd. To me they sound like a part of the album proper. Although Iím by no means an authority on this genre, I will have to say this is some of the best that the genre has to offer. So, if youíre a big fan of the 70's fusion movement, then this is one album your collection needs to have. I canít wait for more of their catalog to be reissued. Sea Son has definitely made me a fan for life.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 6th, 2006


1. Oyster Jungle
2. Mind Movie
3. Pajammafia
4. Black Mist
5. Painforest
6. Paella

7. Sea Son
8. Alfresco Part I
9. Alfresco Part II

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