Artist/ Band: Scale The Summit
Title: Monument
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Scale The Summit is the latest in the line of technical/math metal and falls in with bands such as Spiral Architect, Aziola Cry, Cynic, & Liquid Tension Experiment. Their debut, “Monument’ is rather short for a full length and long for a EP but it packs a punch that leaves a lasting impression, One thing Scale The Summit adds to the genre is a improvisational factor to the mix, which livens up the tight sound.

I have to be very honest, as I do enjoy metal, I find the wall of sound to be effective only in small doses. Meaning I’d like to hear some melodies in the songs. I think Scale The Summit does that quite well on the eight tracks. The twin guitar attack is the main ingredient of the band but so is their ability to create melodies amongst the monster metallic riffs. I haven’t completely warmed up to Scale the Summit so I can’t give any highlights. Although I can say they’re worth the try especially if you enjoy the afore mentioned bands.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 12th, 2007


1. Shaping The Clouds
2. Wolves
3. Crossing The Ocean
4. Omni
5. Rode In On Horseback
6. Roof of the World
7. Penguins In Flight
8. Holding Thunder

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