Artist/ Band: Snarling Ajection Convention
Title: Bluewolf Bloodwalk
Label: Unicorn Digital
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Snarling Adjective Convention’s debut, ‘Bluewolf Bloodwalk’ is probably the most challenging release I have ever reviewed. This experimental band consists of William Kopecky (bass); Joe Kopecky (guitars); Dan Maske (keys, trumpet, flute and percussion); Craig Walkner (drums) and Roger Ebner (wind synth and sax). Musically it combines sounds originally found in related bands such as Kopecky, Parallel Mind, Far Corner and Yeti Rain.

Their main influence is Univers Zero as well as RIO in general combined with some jazz-fusion. In fact I‘ve read somewhere they‘ve been called “dark fusion“, which is appropriately true especially on the title track. Oh and two songs that standout to me are "Immaculate Risen Descents" and "Masks" which are the most haunting pieces of music I‘ve heard. Theses alone show the Univers Zero influence the most. This is a band that solely appeals to fans of complex, avant, improvisation styles of the progressive rock genre. All others beware!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 3rd, 2009


01. Provocation
02. Lunatic Engine
03. Immaculate Risen Descents
04. Nightwater
05. Necklace of Forever
06. Bluewolf Bloodwalk
07. Masks

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