Artist/ Band: Sabaton
Title: Attero Dominatus
Label: Sound Pollution/Black Lodge
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

At first, when I saw that album, booklet and the name of the band (who was yet totally unknown to me), my first impression was that it would be a death or black metal CD and band. But what was not my surprise to discover that it was completely different than from what I thought !!! It’s really true, what we say: “One shouldn’t judge by appearances”. I couldn’t be more wrong ! As soon as I started to play “Attero Dominatus”, I got addicted and now, I want all their CD’s, haha. ;-) “Sabaton” definitely became one of my favourites and I only can be thankful to have discovered them, not so long ago.

The Swedish band was formed in 1999 but they had to wait till 2004 before their albums really get an international and immediate success. Like the concept album called “Primo Victoria”. (The last project recorded before “Attero Dominatus”). Opinions and reviews about it are unanimous: it’s one of the best albums of the year 2005 ! It did a lot of waves especially in Sweden and Germany. In 2006, the five amazing musicians toured all around Europe with “Edguy” and “Dragonforce”. And now, “Sabaton” has reached very far ! I never had the chance to listen to “Prima Victoria” yet, but can’t wait to buy it.

“Attero Dominatus”, for its part, is made of nine excellent and powerful songs, for a total length of 41 just too short minutes, you’d only wish to last longer. It’s supposed to be a sort of “second chapter” of “Primo Victoria”, which treated of war and this new album would close the whole concept. It’s an extremely invigorating album, full of energy and would be even better to see live ! It’s filled with catchy and great choruses, solos and melodies. Perfect music to listen live. All the musicians are very talented and what to say about awesome vocalist Joakim Brodén…His vocals are very different and special, very heavy and loud. A bit heavier than the usual power we are used to hear. He has booming vocals full of tremolos – in the rolling of his r’s – and full of passion, warmth, strength and confidence. You can feel all that force in it. He’s amazing.

Even though I love EVERY SINGLE song on “Attero Dominatus”, “Metal Crüe” is BY FAR my favourite one. It’s the most “power metal” song too, in my opinion, both for the vocals at the beginning of the song and the way the music starts. It couldn’t be more…erhm…powerful. ;-) I like almost as much “Rise of Evil”, “Attero Dominatus”, “Light in the Black” and “Angels Calling” (I love the keys in this one). They have extremely good guitar solos and drums !!! All of them are great and for me, all of them are special in their own way, they don’t resemble each other and well, the best is especially the music and vocals. The mood, the speed. The way it makes me feel: release pressure. I love catchy songs and choruses. “Sabaton” has all that to offer me so I couldn’t ask for more.

Personally, they remind me a little of “Nocturnal Rites”. If you like them, you will also enjoy “Sabaton”. The vocals are different here, heavier, but on the musical level, you can find similarities.

Basically, if you’re a fan of power and melodic metal in general – and if you don’t know “Sabaton” yet – I can promise you will LOVE this band!! Go for it!

I rate this album 10/10 simply because I find every aspect of it perfect; music, vocals, solos, melodies, choruses, lyrics, sound quality, everything. I could listen to it endlessly.

Reviewed by Vikie Martel on September 9th, 2006


1- Attero Dominatus
2- Nuclear Attack
3- Rise of Evil
4- In the Name of God
5- We Burn
6- Angels Calling
7- Back In Control
8- Light in the Black
9- Metal Crüe

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