Artist: Romislokus
Title: Vinyl Spring Digital Autumn
Label/ Date: Sverchok Records 2002


1. The Snow of the Rails [4:51]
2. The Face of a City [5:58]
3. 78 [6:49]
4. Absolute Control [5:06]
5. It Is Winter [3:57]
6. Miss The Target [6:30]
7. A Tree By the Wall [6:49]
8. Tuner [3:10]
9. Substance [4:24]
10. Smoke [4:11]

The Review:

After various weeks of listening to Romislokus "Vinyl Spring Digital Autumn", I find it to be a fine mix of well crafted songs (much in the vein of Peter Gabriel solo music of the "Security, So" & "Us" and the softer side of the "80's-era" Crimson).

Although there is no new music ground broken, the band aproached with their own style to the electronic pop/prog mix with atmospheric keyboard/ guitar sounds, done in a modern fashion with the recording and approach.

The vocals are mostly done in Russian by Yuri Smolnikov (also guitarist) who has a gritty low voice similar to Mark Knoffler.

Yuri is joined by a second guitarist, Mikhail Voronov, and both have somewhat of a Fripp/Belew interplay of the afore mentioned 80's-era but not quite yet to the latter's technical abilities.

Adding to the mix is tasteful mixture of strings (Violins and Cellos) and the usage of computers, possibly to "digitalize" songs, but since I'm not to proficient in instruments so I can be way off base on the role of the computer.

~Ron for [April 16th, 2002]

Band Members:

Evgeniy Gorelov - Keyboards
Mikhail Voronov - Guitars
Yuri Smolnikov - Guitars, Vocals
Dmitriy Shelementev - Drums
Mikhai Brovarnik - Bass
Irina Unakovskaya - Cello
Anna Goya - Violin, Vocals


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