Artist/ Band: Robert Fripp
Title: Love Cannot Bear/ Soundscapes-Live in the USA
Label: Discipline Global Music
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Love Cannot Bear/ Soundscapes-Live in the USA, is the new solo CD by King Crimsonís own Robert Fripp. If youíre looking for a King Crimson type album, you would find it here but you will find Robert Fripp indulging in an album full of Soundscapes. Fans of Mr. Fripp will be pleased with this album, casual fans will not. Iím in the middle of those two. Sometimes the music is so low and mellow that I find it hard to concentrate other times Iím simply amazed on what he can do with just a guitar and no other instruments backing him.

The songs on this album have been recorded at live events as far back as 1983 up until through the year 2005. Like the other part of the album title suggests, they were done all around the USA. While not generally recognized by the masses, Robert Fripp has continued to push the envelope in the progressive music movement over the past 35 years. This is evident on Love Cannot Bear but I must warn the casual fan, this is an acquired taste and only true fans will fully appreciate the beauty within.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 14th, 2006


1. Acceptance-Affirming
2. Affirmation:IMAC
3. On My Motherís Birthday
4. Affirmation: New York
5. Midnight Blue
6. Easter Sunday
7. Love Cannot Bear
8. Requiem-Affirmation

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