Artist: The Rob Sbar Noesis
Title: Wagon Wheels and Atom Bombs
Producted by: Rob Sbar
Label/ Date: Aggregate Recordings / 2002


1.Wagon Wheels And Atom Bombs (Intro) [0:16]
2. Lexical Gap [4:22]
3. I Woke Up This Morning With This Human Skin On...And I Can't Get It Off [4:14]
4. 16 Shades Of Gray [4:33]
5. Drowning In A Vacuum (Of Barbed Wire Solitude) [5:42]
6. Media Induced Paranoia [5:33]
7. Blue Harvest [7:29]
8. Diet Soda, Chinese Food And A Single Yellow Daisy [10:46]
9. Wagon Wheels And Atom Bombs (Reprise) [0:40]

The Review:

The Rob Sbar Noesis is like a combination big-band jazz fusion with some stellar playing by leader/guitarist Rob Sbar.

This is a genre of music I know very little about. I read Rob Sbar has a Zappa quality to his arrangements along with a Steve Vai like guitar shredding.

Nothing on Wagon Wheels and Atom Bombs is too over the top, all taken in stride. It took me several listens to appreciate the quality and importance of this release really is.

Most songs are on or around the 5 minute mark wit two exceptions of a two tracks, "Blue Harvest" clocking in at 7:29 and "Diet Soda, Chinese Food And A Single Yellow Daisy" at over 10 minutes.

A wonderful underground find and these two songs are worth the admission alone!

~Ron for [February 16th, 2003]

Band Members:

Rob Sbar - Guitars
Erik Feder - Drums, Percussion, Glockenspiel, Xylophone
Matt Schaefer - Bass
Tony Gairo - Tenor Sax, Flute
Duane Eubanks - Trumpet
Aino Soderhielm - Alto Sax
Laurie Nagle - Alto Sax
Bill Wenglicki - Calrinet, Baritone Sax
Mark Shewchuk - Drums
Andy Pfaff - Bass
Daniel Mintseris - Piano
Jason Elliott - Tenor Sax
Rob Mislivers - Alto Sax

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