Artist/ Band: Radio Massacre International
Title: Rain Falls Grey
Label: Cuineform Records
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

I was first exposed to Radio Massacre International back when they played ProgWest 2002 in Southern California. The band sent me Republic (1996) and Planets In The Wire (2001) to review and at the time I was even more in the dark about Electronic Music than I am now. I don‘t think I did them much justice with my short reviews but I think I said what I felt as a newbie to EM. Now I got sent their 2007 release Rain Falls Grey and I feel I have slightly more musical ammunition than I did in 2002. Still I‘m not that familiar with EM but I have to say RMI is one of the better of the genre.

On Rain Falls Grey, the band is joined by Martin Archer (reeds) and Cyndee Lee Rule (violin), for a tribute to the late psychedelic rock star Syd Barrett. RMI sometimes parallels Pink Floyd’s early spacey and psychedelic yet ambient sounds on this album. After a few listens, while the music isn’t something I feel to have gelled with me, I can appreciate what they have created. I would recommend this to fans of the Electronic Music genre as well as mellow space & psychedelic rock.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 6th, 2008


1. Rain Falls In Grey... (17.11)
2. Bett'r Day-s (11.45)
3. Shut Up (4.56)
4. Syd (2:46)
5. Emissary (8.44)
6. Legacy (3.34)
7. ...Far Away (10.58)

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