Artist: Radio Massacre International (RMI)
Title: Planets in the Wire
Label/ Date: Northern Echo Recordings/ 2001


1. Planets in The Wire [29:33]

2. Echoes [44:30]

The Review:

"Planets in the Wire" is the latest effort by space/electronic band Radio Massacre Interational or RMI for short.

This time around it's two extremely longish tracks, perfect for the hard-core prog listener for a nice relaxing & soothing evening with his/her poison of choice.

Whilest I do enjoy long songs, sometimes it depends on the musical content rather the sometimes obsurd need to make epic lengthed songs for the sake of getting labeled "progressive" but that's just my humbled opinion.

RMI's music is, as I said before wonderful for a relaxing evening especially after a gruellin day at the workplace.

reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 15th, 2002

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