Artist: Radio Massacre International (RMI)
Title: Republic
Label/ Date: Centaur Discs ltd./ 1996


1. Send-Off [21:17]

2. Raw Cane Approach [26:46]

3. Republic [25:59]

The Review:

Although I'm not familar with this spacey/electronic genre, I can hear some of the early Pink Floyd sounds that RMI seems to expand upon but in obvious epic proporsions.

"Republic' is broken into 3 rather longish tracks that are both soothing and relaxing, especially after a gruelling day in the office or workplace.

The spacey sometimes etheral soundscapes are the closest this reviewer will ever get to a "trip". (I tend to get high on the music)

Gary, Duncan & Steve are world class musicians and they show it on this very well done CD.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 15th, 2002

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