Artist/ Band: Ritual
Title: Live
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

After three studio releases, Ritual starts 2006 out with a double live CD, which was recorded during the band’s 2004 European tour. The songs on the album were taken from different gigs and the total set runs for just under 2 hours. Material from Ritual (1995), Superb Birth (1999), and Think Like A Mountain (2003) are featured here in prime form. It’s quite evident that the band can pull off their studio work in a live setting For those unaware, Ritual’s music is basically been described as “Swedish progressive folk” After several times listening to their studio albums and now this live album, I’ve think of them asa blend of Led Zeppelin & Queen with some progressive and fol rock moments.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Patrik Lundström is the band’s main focus. He’s also been involved as singer for the reformed Kaipa but in my opinion he’s better suited for Ritual. obvious focal point. Joining Patrik are Fredrik Lindqvist on bass, bouzouki, mandolin, tin-whistles and backing vocals, Johan Nordgren on drums and percussion, and Jon Gamble on keyboards and harmonica. Vocally, Patrik sounds like a combination of Robert Plant & Freddie Mercury. From this live set, my favorite tracks are Typhoons Decide and Infinite Justice (disc one). These two showcase the band’s more modern rock element. From the second disc, my favorites are Dinosaur Spaceship and. The Acoustic Medley which features the folk songs featured on the band’s first album (A Little More Like Me, The Way Of Things, and Life Has Just Begun) and Big Black Secret.

One thing is Ritual is a straight forward rock band that has elements of other genres. In many ways it mirrors how Led Zeppelin approached their music. The musicianship is possible the best I’ve ever heard in a long while for this genre or music. I would recommend this to Ritual fans as well as fans of Queen and Led Zeppelin. I would also recommend this as a starting point for new listeners.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 14th, 2006


CD 1
1. vision quest
2. what are you waiting for
3. typhoons decide
4. really something
5. moomin took my head
6. infinite justice
7. humble decision
8. once the tree would bloom
9. did i go wrong
10. think like a mountain
11. solitary man

CD 2
1. dinosaur spaceship
2. explosive paste
3. acoustic medley
4. mother you’ve been gone for much too long
5. do you wanna see the sun
6. big black secret
7. seasong for the moomin pappa

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