Artist: Ritual
Title: Think Like A Mountain
Produced by:
Label/ Date: Tempus Fugit/ 2003
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1. What Are You Waiting For (3:58)
2. Humble Decision (4:04)
3. Explosive Paste (5:03)
4. Once the Tree Would Bloom (3:58)
5. Mother You've Been Gone for Much Too Long (7:03)
6. Think Like a Mountain (5:02)
7. Moomin Took My Head (4:32)
8. Infinite Justice (6:36)
9. On (2:59)
10. Shamanarama (4:34)
11. Breathing (4:18)
12. Off (2:16)

The Review:

Ritual is a mixture of the best elements of vocals ala Freddie Mercury along with the adventurous passages of
Yes with the romp of Led Zeppelin.

Think Like A Mountain is the band's third long awaited release. Their last one was back in 1999 but singer Patrik was busy providing the main vocals on Kaipa's "re-union" CD, Notes From The Past.

If you're expecting something like Kaipa you'll be very disappointed. Ritual is one of the more "original" sounding bands to come out of Sweden since the early 90's progressive revival. By "original", I mean they aren't a Crimson based sounding band like their contemporaries Anglagard, Anekdoten or Par Lindh (Project).

Basically Think Like A Mountain is some very good rock based music with some progressive elements added in for some spice. Good stuff here!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 10th, 2003

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