Artist/ Band: Ricochet
Title: Zarah: A Teartown Story
Label: Progrock Records
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

It seems that in today’s age there’s more conceptual albums being released by modern progressive rock and metal bands. German quintet Ricochet adds their name to that ever growing roster with their second album which tells the sad story of Zarah, an inner-city girl who basically had a rough life including being abused as a child. She eventually murders her father and while in jail commits suicide. A rather dark subject but told in a way, especially with the music, that doesn’t depress you.

Ricochet’s music falls under a few genres such as progressive metal, neo prog, and hard rock. In many ways, they remind me of other modern bands while retaining their own identity. After several listens if I had to compare them I’d really have to say they’re a cross between modern-day Pallas and Queensryche. While the band doesn’t break any new ground, they do solidify th road traveled before but with one slight change.... they rely on melody and sentiment rather than flash rather than flash complex techniques.

This is a full album by today’s standards but in no way is there any filler to achieve it. One of the highlights for me, and the most progressive, is the final 19 minute track A New Day Rising. To me this song sums up what the band is capable of doing. Not saying the other songs don’t but this one showcases their progressive side. Chalk this up as another winner from the fantastic ProgRock Records and gets my highest recommendation.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 4th, 2006


1. Entering The Scene (2:54)
2. Teartown (9:30)
3. Disobedience (5:27)
4. Silent Retriever (5:33)
5. Cincinnati Road (10:59)
6. Caught In The Spotlight (5:47)
7. Final Curtain (5:46)
8. The Red Line (7:44)
9. A New Days Rising (18:44)

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