Artist/ Band: Rick Wakeman
Title: Almsot Live In Europe
Label: Music Fusion
Year of Release: 1995/2007
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The Review:

During European tours in 1989, 1990 and 1991, Rick Wakeman recorded shows under the moniker of English Rock Ensemble which included Davy Patton (bass), Tony Fernandez (drums and percussion) and Ashley Holt (vocals and percussion). The final recording of this album, which was taken froma show in Italy, wasn't up to par so Rick and ERE fixed that in studio. He added some personal overdubs along with using Davy Patton to add guitar, which were not part of the original performance. The result is something more studio than live hence the album title ’Almost Live In Europe’

Music Fusion brings this title back, as part of a re-issue/re-mastered series of Rick’s works. Which is a treat for his fans both old and new. It also gives new listeners an insight to Rick’s amazing library of solo material I especially found this album to be a nice look into his live renditions of his classics up until the point of the recording. I cant say if this is the best versions but they’re quite enjoyable to my ears.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 8th, 2008


1. Elizabethan Rock/ Make Me A Woman
2. Catherine of Aragon/ Crying Heart (pt 1)/ Jane Seymour/ Crying Heart (pt 2)
3. The Realization/ The Prisioner
4. King Arthur/ Guinevere/ Lancelot and the Black Knight/ The Last Battle

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