Artist/ Band: Rick Wakeman
Title: Fields Of Green
Label: Music Fusion
Year of Release: 1997/2007
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The Review:

In 2007, a series of reissues were released by legendary keyboardist, Rick Wakeman including Fields Of Green. Originally released in 1997, with a reworking his opus Arthur for the May 1997 election coverage by the BBC. It also included his version of a Yes song called Starship Trooper, which is odd because Rick didn’t play on the original. The rest of Fields Of Green is originals including ‘The Spanish Wizard’.

It’s a solid album from beginning to end, one of my new favorites of Rick’s along side his ‘Out There’ and ‘ Retro’. I am not well versed in his solo albums and getting these glimpses in his past such as ‘The Burning’ and ‘Golé!”, allows me the please to acquaint myself with the world of Rick Wakeman. I would recommend his long time fans to get this reissue from Rick’s Music Fusion label.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 12th, 2007


1. Election 97/Arthur
2. Starship Trooper
3. The Promise of Love
4. The Spanish Wizard
5. The Never Ending Road
6. The Fighter
7. Tell Me Why
8. The Rope Trick
9. The Niceman
10. Fields of Green

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