Artist/ Band: Rick Wakeman
Title: G'olé
Label: Music Fusion
Year of Release: 1982/2007
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The Review:

Recently some of Rick Wakeman’s soundtrack work have been re-released including the 1982 release, G’olé. On this disc Wakeman provided the music for a documentary film on the 1982 World Cup. It also marks the first time it has been issued on CD. Wakeman calls this album something more for the collectors rather than the general audience. I think that’s because the music compared to his works before and after sounds a bit lacking. Maybe his heart wasn’t into it, only he knows.

Rick’s main instrument of choice on this album seems to be the grand piano which I’m guess for progressive rock fans could be a let down given this followed many wonderful classic solo albums in the 70’s.Since the 1982 World Cup was held in Spain, there’s a strong Latin feel especially on tracks, “Latin Reel (Theme from G’olé)” and the flamenco guitar work of guest players Jackie McAuley and Mitch Dalton on “Spanish Message”.

After several listens, I’d really have to agree with Rick, Golé is something more for the completist rather than the casual listener expecting a progressive rock extravaganza. The music is beautiful so the choice is yours.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 30th, 2007


1. International flag (2:12)
2. The dove (opening ceremony) (2:36)
3. Wayward spirit (3:20)
4. Latin reel (theme from G'olé) (2:44)
5. Red island (5:04)
6. Spanish holiday (2:43)
7. No possibla (2:54)
8. Shadows (3:38)
9. Black pearls (2:52)
10. Frustration (3:10)
11. Spanish montage (2:46)
12. G'olé (2:54)

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