Artist/ Band: Reeves Gabrels
Title: Rockonica
Label: Favored Nations
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Well my first exposure to Reeves Gabrels was when he was with Tin Machine. His playing back then, to my ears, was a cross between Fripp and Van Halen which is an explosive combo. Reeves style was much more than that though. I know that he’s been working on and off with Bowie since the Tin Machine days. Although I haven’t heard any of those release (I will make amends and find them).

About a few months ago, I received a package from a local promotion company here in the Los Angeles area called On Target Media Group with a solo album by Reeves Gabrels. I was ecstatic and quickly opened it up, put into my player and give it a spin. The music sounded great, up until the vocals chimed in. They’re not bad vocals but not good either, in fact they seems to take away something from the songs. I read on his site that previous solo albums had guest vocals, so I guess he wanted to give it a try on all tracks. I really wished hat Rockonica was instrumental. With that said, I still think this is a rocking’ album and sorry Reeves, you’re a great guitarist and a mediocre vocalist.

The music on Rockonica can be classified as modern art rock with splashes of classic glam sounds of the 70's. It takes a listener that has an open mind to enjoy this album since this isn’t a top 40 singles machine. Fans of his previous work would enjoy this release as well as those that like strange rock music that’s beyond mainstream.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 26th, 2005


1. Sign From God
2. Leper
3. Underneath
4. Anywhere (She Is)
5. The Conversation
6. Continue
7. 13th Hour
8. Tunnel
9. Uphill Both Ways
10. Long Day

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