Artist: The Red Masque
Title: Victoria and the Haruspex
Label/ Date: Self relese 2002

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1. Haruspex [24:35]
2. Birdbrain [7:40]
3. Afterloss [8:43]
4. Cenotaph* [7:05]

* dedicated to Nathan-Andrew's brother, Alan

The Review:

The four song disc opens with a 20+ minute improvisation called "Haruspex', that clearly reminds me of early 70's King Crimson but in a more gothic haunting way almost like Univers Zero in the 70's.

With it's slow building from chaotic nosies to a full blow "jam" highlights their first full length cd, "Victoria and the Haruspex".

Lynnette's vocals adds to the improv as a "vocal" instrument as well as a strong vocal sometimes angelic presence on the other three pieces of music.

The other three songs are "Birdbrain", "Afterloss" and "Cenotaph". All just under 9 minutes. Both musically and lyrically, a true treat to the progressive music lover.

In my most humble opinion, this is one of the best pieces of progressive music so far in 2002.

~Ron for [August 1st, 2002]

Band Members:

Steven Blumberg - Electric Guitar
Nathan-Andrew Dewin - Concert Harp, Synthesizers, Didgerdoo, Percussion, Toy Piano, Vocals
Brandon Ross - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Lynnette Shelley - Lead Vocals, Percussion, Psaltery, Chimes, Demonic China Doll
Vonom - Drums & Percussion
Abhi Taranath - special guest Electric Guitar on Haruspex

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