Artist/ Band: Red Star Revolt
Title: Red Star Revolt
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Red Star Revolt is a power trio from Denver, Colorado, which was formed in 2007 by Aaron Nava (vocals, bass and keyboards) and Clutch (guitars, keyboards). Joining them after several months of drum auditions was Dino Cuneo, thus completing the trio. Then in 2008, they released a self-titled debut that contains 13 tracks, one of which is listed as a “bonus”. The music is rooted somewhere in between alternative and progressive rock genres. The band blends elements of modern and vintage sounds with infectious melodies that captured me from the first note. They never overstay their welcome, which is accomplished by songs ranging between the 3 and 6 minute marks.

From the start they blaze through some of the most furious music that reminds me of several bands like The Mars Volta (mainly on the song “Dementia“), Queens Of The Stone Age (mostly on “Prove Me Wrong“ and “More Than It‘s Worth“), and to some extent, Rush (mainly the structure on “Wired“ and “Los Muertos“) and Led Zeppelin (mainly the arrangements on “Thorns For June“). While the band aren’t clones of those bands, these songs alone are hard sell points for the band. It gives perspective fans a focal point.

In closing, I thoroughly enjoyed this album and it wets my appetite for more. While not traditionally in the progressive rock camp, Red Star Revolt will satisfy fans of the more accessible side of the genre. This is one of those releases in 2008 that almost, sadly, went unnoticed. I’m not sure why but here’s hoping the press in both the progressive and alternative worlds will get the band it’s much due exposure. With infectious and intelligent arragements, this band and it's debut are very recommended for those that rock!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 11th, 2009


01. Dementia
02 At Most Desire
03 The Song Remains
04 Prove Me Wrong
05 FM (All or Nothing)
06 Sour
07 All She Could Have Been
08 Separation of Soul
09 Thorns for June
10 More Than It's Worth
11 Them
12 Wired

Bonus track

13 Los Muertos

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