Artist/ Band: Ray Wilson
Title: The Next Big Thing
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

The Next Best Thing is Ray Wilson’s second studio album brought to you by InsideOut Music in the Summer of 2004. Ray Wilson is known to everybody mostly for his participation in the legendary group Genesis and the lesser known Stiltskin. I must admit to not have heard any of the latter. If you’re expecting a prog album then don’t read any further. But it isn’t like his first studio album either.

Ray Wilson is one of those artists that seems to get better with each release. The Next Best Thing is a wonderful pop album unlike anything on the mainstream market today. There are twelve new songs including some beautiful ballads, and songs with an aggressive flare like ’Inside’ and ’Pumpkinhead’, There’s also some tunes full of emotion, like ’Magic Train’, ’Sometimes’, ’The Actor’ (which according to his website is actually is an autobiographical song!). The song Inside (second track) is from Ray Wilson’s first top hit when he fronted, the above mentioned Scottish group, Stiltskin.

The production, done by Ray is very good. He does most of the guitars, bass and of course vocals but he doesn’t overshadow the other instruments by fellow ex-Genesis bandmate, Nir Z. On Drums and Irvin Duguid on Keyboards.

This is a very enjoyable album that would win points from your non-prog spouse, or significant other that shuns the progressive music genre. In simpler words, go get this CD now!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 29th, 2004


1. These Are The Changes
2. Inside
3. How High
4. The Fool In Me
5. Adolesent Breakdown
6. Sometimes
7. Alone
8. Magic Train
9. The Actor
10. Ever The Reason
11. Pumkinhead
12. The Next Big Thing

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