Artist: Raimundo Rodulfo
Title: The Dreams Concerto
Producted by: Raimundo Rodulfo
Label/ Date: Music (distribution)/ 2002


1. Sueños [24:14]
2. Esperanza [4:03]
3. Matemática y Arte II [8:01]
4. Muestreo al Azar (Suite for electric guitar, group and DSP) [9:17]
5. Baroque (Suite for classic guitar and chamber orchestra) [15:01]
6. La Gran Epopeya de la Música y las Ciencias (Suite for guitar, group and chamber orchestra) [17:52]

The Review:

A prog gem came to me via Venezuela late last month in the form of Raimundo Rodulfo's The Dream Concerto. This 6 track 78+ minute cd is done in three major movements, all epic in sound and production. Guitarist/ Composer Raimundo Rodulo brings symphonic/classic prog back into the new millennium with nods to the giants of the 70's while adding a latin flavor all it's own. Beautiful instrumentation can be found throughout especially in the guitar playing which goes from classical to flamenco to rock within a few moments.

The only "flaw" I hear is the low key vocals. They are almost like background instrument. There is a full orchestra at work too but they are a part of the band rather than an augmented after-thought. Powerful yet melodic symphonic rock dominates this fine release. This was a late entry in the year 2002 and almost snuck in so Raimundo is one to watch for in years to come. In the meantime buy this cd. as it's well worth the money to hear this fabulous piece of music.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 16th, 2003

Band Members:

Raimundo Rodulfo - Classic, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, bass, slide, acoustic and electronic percussion, backing vocals. Mathematic modelling, DSP design, programming. Composition, orchestration and production.
Andrés Briceño - Acoustic and electronic drums, flugelhorn
Pablo Gil Rodulfo - Saxophones
Pedro Castillo - Vocals
César Romano - First and second violins, viola, electric violin
Lermit Martínez - Keyboard, piano, organ, clavier
Alejandro Socorro - Acoustic and electronic percussion
Manuel Rojas - Flute
Carlos Orozco -Harp
Carlos Rodríguez - Acoustic bass
Beatriz Rivas - Vocals
Ricardo Furiati - Bass, Backing vocals
César Hernández - Backing vocals
Linda Briceño - Flugelhorn
Euro Olivero - Maracas

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