Artist/ Band: Rael
Title: Mascaras Urbanas
Label: Musea
Year of Release: 1996
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The Review:

This reissue from 1992 is an excellent work from this Argentinean band's only album. Some have described it as "Lamb out-takes" and if you’re looking for that Genesis sound when Gabriel was still a presence, look no further than this album. From the name of the band itself, you know you're about to begin a Gabrielesque world.

The first song "Mascaras Urbanas" begins with an intro subtly recalling a Tony Banks-like arpeggio piano. It is one of only two songs here sung in their native tongue. All of the other six songs are in English regardless of their names. It even has a Hackett-style guitar solo before it ends at 4:28! Most songs on this CD clock in at around four to five minutes, but they pack an incredible amount of music into that time! Many reviewers of current Neo-Prog bands use "Genesis-like" to describe the sound they are hearing. It's an old cliché, I know, but you really can't get much closer than this.

As the album progresses, you are transported back to the early to mid-70's when the best of the Genesis albums were recorded. The longest song here sounds like it's virtually lifted from three different Genesis songs! "Momo (and the Grey Men)" begins with a 12-string guitar and vocal piece that more than recalls the melody from "How Dare I Be So Beautiful" in "Supper's Ready." Then it's an almost note for note keyboard part from the intro into the guitar solo on "Dancing With the Moonlit Knight." It ends with a very "Firth of Fifth" inspired electric guitar solo before it's 8:24 close. This is not a copy band though! The rest of the album is more in the style of the Gabriel-era than actual licks from the various albums.

If you are a Genesis fan like I am, and have worn your copies of "Foxtrot" and "Selling England by the Pound" to the mat, get this album. It's like the undiscovered classic Gabriel-Genesis album!

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on April 20th, 2007


1. Mascaras Urbanas (4:28)
2. Vientos del Este (5:10)
3. La tierra del pecado (5:04)
4. Sombras en Ixtlan (4:55)
5. Peregrinos del Tiempo (4:20)
6. Icarus (4:54)
7. Momo (and the Grey Men) (8:24)
8. Escapando de mi Imaginacion (4:22)

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