Artist/ Band: RadiomŲbel
Title: Gudang Garam
Label: Transubstans
Year of Release: 1978/ 2005 reissue
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The Review:

Radiomobel is a very unique Swedish band from the '70s. They released two fairly obscure albums during that time. In 2005, Transubstans Records released the bandís second album"Gundang Garam" which was originally released in 1978. Their music is a mixture of is psychedelic, art-rock and symphonic prog with the guitar as the main emphasis. Sounds good huh? Well to me it did once I heard the album. Yes itís all those styles but the production value is at a almost garage lo-fi style. I tried to keep an open mind with each listen but to me itís just something I canít get into. I was really hoping for a classic or similar but found a recording that left me unsatified. Iím sure that fans of the aforementioned music that came out of the 70's will probably enjoy this more than myself.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 14th, 2006


1. Gudang Garam
2. HŲstsŗng
3. Fasa
4. E-Matt
5. Vaggvisa
6. Kylle
7. Flugornas Morgon
8. Finalen

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