Artist/ Band: Radiohead
Title: OK Computer: A Classic Album Under Review (DVD)
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

OK Computer: A Classic Album Under Review takes a look back at Radioheadís third album, OK Computer which has been hailed as a masterpiece by many. It also was embraced by the progressive music community as a bright beckon in the endless mediocrity in mainstream music.

The bulk of this documentary contains interviews from various music critics (Mark Paytress, Barney Hoskins, Alex Ogg, Dai Griffiths, David Stubbs, and Jake Kennedy). They discuss, sometimes pander, the impact the album had on the entire mainstream music world. I noticed that they hailed this album it as a return of Progressive Rock, but those true fans that donít rely on mainstream borders knows that Progressive Rock never really died, just went underground and evolved in a more independent rate.

After viewing this documentary, it made me appreciate the timeless beauty of OK Computer It is a fresh today as it was when it was released nearly a decade ago. Also know that the DVD is an independent review and not sanctioned by the band but or the most part itís very insightful and makes the listening experience even more enlightening. Also included in this DVD are some rare live performances, which alone is worth the price of admission.

In closing I would recommended viewing OK Computer: A Classic Album Under Review to fans of Radiohead as well as fanís of the more experimental side of rock music.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 12th, 2006

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