Artist: Qwestion
Title: y
Label/ Date: Self release 2002


1. The Mask [7:01]
2. freeProv [3:06]
3. Chaos Theory [9:42]
4. A Little Swim Before The Walk (intro) [1:26]
5. Forest of the Norm [11:59]
6. mUsE [3:39]
7. 3oNe2 [6:35]
8. YacHacHa [13:59]

The Review:

Qwestion are a "power-trio" thrash metal/ fusion instrumental band with some interesting techno beats thrown in.

Somewhat directionless, "y" just sounds like a bunch of riffs thrown together by some talented musicians. The heavy crunching guitar riffs that are amazing in itself but not enough to carry an almost 60 minute cd. The songs just need some structure to them and more shorter compostions.

Good playing on this debut, hopefully they will mature into a great instrumental prog-metal band.

~Ron for [October 9th, 2002]

Band Members:

Mike Griffith - Bass
John Hall - Guitar
TBD - Percussion

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