Title: Phase Transition
Produced by:
Label/ Date: 2003


1. Promised Land 1 [4:04]
2. Promised Land 2 [4:32]
3. Promised Land 3 [5:35]
4. Chang [4:41]
5. Tarotmaster [5:17]
6. Helianthus [4:05]
7. Wait for Nothing [4:24]
8. Brigade of Hope [8:30]
9. Promised Land 4 [8:15]

The Review:

Quaser was at the forefront of the Japanese progressive movement in the 70's but sadly disappeared from the scene in the early 80's due to the decrease in popularity of prog amongst the music audiences. Mostly the record companies fault, but that's another subject all together.

In 1993, founder member Takuya 'Whogets' Morita stated working on a solo project that soon became the revival of Quaser, much like their contemporaries Yes & King Crimson did in the early 80's.

Since then Quaser has released two cds and their 3rd, Phase Transition, the not-yet-released third album.

Phase Transition's anchor is the 4-part epic Promised Land suite. Parts 1, 2 and 3, serve as the opening piece. Part 4 of the suit closes the album. Quaser's sound is nice mixture of all things progressive, both modern and classic prog combined with a symphonic rock with some tasty Hammond and synth sounds and lastly adding a touch of prog metal in places. Their music style is very European and the vocals are full of feeling.For those interested, the vocals are in Japanesebut it doesn't deter from the music at all.

Another highlight is the instrumental based, "Tarotmaster". This is a guitar driven track courtesy of Masami Katsuura who shows his amazing virtuosity playing reminiscent of Ritchie Blackmore.

Highly recommended release. Go to their website and get it when it's released worldwide!

~Ron for [May 20th, 2003]

Band Members:

Takuya "Whogets" Morita - Vocal, Keyboards
Masmai Katsuura - Guitar
Hiroaki Fuji - Bass
Kazuo Katayama - Drums

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