Artist/ Band: The Quiet Earth Orchestra
Title: The Quiet Earth Orchestra
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

The Quiet Earth Orchestra is a moniker, also the name of the debut album, for multi-instrumentalist/vocalist John Ludi. Itís a blissful symphonic progressive rock music that would appeal to just about all that enjoy the genre. John provides a nice over-the-top sound without going too far, which is accompanied by some very pleasantly sung vocals that remind me of the more 80Ďs sounding new wave bands. Iíve enjoyed several listening experiences with this album but thereís one minor draw back, the percussion sounds. I think the music would excel with acoustic drums. Other than that itís flawless.

John has been working on the Quiet Earth Orchestra project since 1999 and it finally saw the light of day in early 2008. Itís a very cohesive album that contains extended compositions and thoughtful lyrics. I really think a lot of the progressive rock fans will enjoy this album. In fact check out the MySpace page to hear for yourself. Once you do, Iím sure an instant purchase will be happening!!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 22nd, 2008


1. History Ends Here
2. God
3. Limitations
4. Simple
5. The Prophet
6. Singularity
7. Slow Down
8. The Madness of Crowds
9. Cicadas
10. The Prophet's Theme

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