Artist/ Band: Protos
Title: The Noble Pauper's Grave
Label: New Horizons Music
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Protosí new album called "The Noble Pauper's GraveĒ is a concept album about noble who abandons his life in order to help the poor. In the album itís presented with thirteen tracks (the odd number tracks are the musical parts; the even number tracks are a narration of the story written by Steve Anscombe). This is an amazing mix of music and narration, which I donít think has been done to the degree Protos has achieved. Musically they band hasnít changed much since their debut album but I sense they will evolve more while retaining their sound.

The album runs 51 minutes and almost half of the CD I and a main theme that runs throughout, as most concept albums do. The production quality and mixing sound good to my ears and represent a sound that is pure for fans of progressive rock, electronic and ambient music. I can recommend this CD to fans of such music. Iím hoping for more from Protos, perhaps some long form epics to experience the bandís magic. Anyways, this is an album that needs to be heard by all progressive music fans.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 12th, 2007


1. Born a Bit Blue
2. Pause for Thought
3. Travels
4. Gathering Dreams
5. The Rally
6. Long Dark Night
7. The Final Dawn
8. The Noble Pauper
9. Outcry
10. Turmoil
11. Aftermath
12. Last Report
13. Departures

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