Artist/ Band: Project Creation
Title: Floating World
Label: Progrock Records
Year of Release: 2005/2006
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The Review:

Multi-instrumentalist Hugo Floresí brings us his latest offering, Project Creation. Joining Hugo is nine different musicians and vocalists to help create the concept album Floating World. Musically itís similar inn ways to that of Ayreon but without too much pompous nonsense. It is in the truest sens, progressive hard rock bordering at times on metal side of the genre.

The Floating WorldĒ is the first part of a trilogy about a dying planet, whoís ancient civilization develops a space ship to carry some of itís citizens to a new world. Just like other concept albums, itís very rooted in the sci-fi genre. capable of carrying large portions of itís population to seed other planets. One thing I find different than most concept albums is the warmth of both the music and the vocals. This is a quality I look for in concept or any type of albums.

This ranks up there with the more recent concept albums including the afore mentioned Ayreon, IQís Subterannea, and countless others. You get the idea, once you hear the music. From one moment itís atmospheric and the next metallic. It keeps you guessing what will happen next musically. Hugo does a fantastic job of not becoming so predictable. Iím sure his other bandSonic Pulsar achieves this as well.

One thing I must confess as a reviewer is I keep wanting to just listen to this album, itís that good! This makes it harder to get other reviews done but it show the lasting power of the music long after the album is over. I would say this is one of the best releases to come from progrock records this year. In fact I would give it a glowing recommendation especially for fans of the harder side of the progressive rock spectrum. I canít wait for more!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 4th, 2006


1. The Floating World
2. Living Under A Blue Sky
3. The Desert Planet
4. The Civilization
5. Mechanical Dragonflies
6. Arriving
7. Warming Up The Machines
8. Artificial Satellite
9. Intervening
10. Creating Atmosphere
11. First Species
12. The Shining Planet
13. Cheops
14. Returning Home

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