Artist/ Band: Planet P Project
Title: 1931: Go Out Dancing, part 1
Label: Progrock Records
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Upon first listening to Planet P Projectís new release 1931: Go Out Dancing part 1, I really wasnít that impressed. One of the reasons was that I didnít have any clue as to what the other Planet P Project albums sounded like for comparisons. I was lucky enough to have a good friend of mine send me the self titled debut and Pink World on cd-r. So I gave those two earlier albums a spin and then listened to 1931 again. It hit me this time around and I found the music to be more pleasant that the first time I listened to it. I somewhat remembered the name Tony Carey and that he had several solo albums. I think I may have had one of them on cassette decades ago. If I recall it was Some Tough City. I think maybe there was some airplay on several medias such as MTV and radio but I canít be certain.

Well back to 1931: Go Out Dancing part 1. This is a nostalgic concept album from you guessed it the 1930's. Itís about how the world was at this time period. Tony approached it much the same way Echolyn did with their Cowboy Poems Free with itís look back at yesteryear. The difference is that Tonyís look was at the overall world and the events that shaped it.

Musically Planet P Project has almost a electronica based singer/songwriter vibe that reminds me of the spacey music of Pink Floyd and the rawness/ experimental Peter Gabrielís first three releases. Itís also quite different than what has been released in prog today, where it relies on lyrical composition rather than endless riffs that go nowhere. The music borders somewhere between rock and prog, making it quite accessible for those that enjoy melodic song based with a slice of progressive rock. It does take serveral listens before it really sinks in but when it does, itís a keeper. I can hardly wait for the part 2 and 3.

This is one of my favorite releases of 2004 and from Progrock Records. This is a very recommended to those that enjoyed the previous Planet P Project releases.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 24h, 2005


1. My Radio Talks To Me 6:41
2. Join The Parade 4:29
3. Good Little Soldiers 5:12
4. Work (will make you free) 4:49
5. The Judge and The Jury 5:02
6. The Other Side Of The Mountain 5:48
7. Waiting For The Winter 4:55
8. Believe It 4:04
9. The Things They Never Told Me 4:35
10. Where Does It Go? 5:03

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