Artist: Poverty's No Crime

Title: The Chemical Chaos

Produced by:

Label/ Date: InsideOut Music/ 2003

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1. Walk Into Nowhere
2. Every Kind Of Life
3. All Minds In One
4. A World Without Me
5. Terminal Trip
6. Pact With The Past
7. Left To Chance
8. Moving Target
9. Do What You Feel

Bonus track
10. Access Denied (unplugged version)

I must admit I never heard of Poverty’s No Crime before receiving a promo from InsideOut Music to review. Now that I have heard them, I really want to get into this band because they're one of the more original prog-metal bands today. Their brand of music borders on prog-metal and progressive rock but they don’t go into the cliches that most bands do of the genre. They just play and compliment each other without ego This is by far one of my favorite CDs from IOM to come out in 2003. It has all the qualities that prog fan’s come to expect such as grand instrumentation and a vocalist that doesn’t scream his way through the songs.

Band Members:

Volker Walsemann - Vocals, Guitars
Marco Ahrens - Guitars
Heiko Spaarmann - Bass
Andreas "theo" Tegeler - Drums
Jörg Springub - Keyboards

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