Artist/ Band: Jasper van't Hof's Pork Pie (featuring Charlie Mariano)
Title: Transitory
Label: Promising Music/SPV
Year of Release: 1974/2008
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The Review:

Pork Pie, I’m assuming named after the Mingus classic “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat”, was put together by Dutch keyboardist Jasper van’t Hof. It features instrumentalist, Charlie Mariano, who was 51 at the time. Charlie had already played with bands as well like Embryo and Supersister. Joining Jasper & Charlie are Philip Catherine (guitar), who had previously been a member of the Jean Luc Ponty Experience, and J.F. Jenny-Clark (bass) who had previously played with Keith Jarrett. Rounding off the line-up is Aldo Romano (drums), another jazz veteran, who had previously worked with giants like Don Cherry and Dexter Gordon.

Musically there’s a nice combination of jazz, funk, rock, experimental avant-garde and even touches of samba going on here. The first track “Epoch” is a very high-octane track which lets the listener know that they’re in for a wild ride. While the title track, which is broken into two pieces, displays the experimental side of music.

I will admit that this album is one of the more difficult ones to get into but it‘s slowly growing on me. For virgin listners of this genre, like myself, you will need many listening sessions to fully absorb the music. Don’t be alarmed that it’ll probably take at least a half dozen times. I will assure you that it’s quite rewarding in the end if you do so. Transitory is one of those lost gems of the 70’s instrumental fusion that requires any true music fan’s attention.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 16th, 2008


(Originally Side I)

1. Epoch
2. Transitory (part 1)
3. Transitory (part 2)
4. Angel Wings

(Originally Side II)

5. Pudu KKotai
6. Something Wrong
7. Bassamba (part 1)
8. Bassamba (part 2)
9. March of the Oil-Sheiks

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