Artist/ Band: Poor Genetic Material
Title: Paradise Out Of Time
Label: QuiXote Records
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

I had the pleasure of reviewing the last three albums from German progressive rock band, Poor Genetic Material. When I got their latest, ’Paradise Out Of Time’, I was anxious to hear more from the band’s melodic brand of prog. Upon listening to the album, I was very surprised to hear the music has a more accessible song-based sound, almost identical stylistically to the latest Alias Eye than the previous releases. I’ve read that they still plan to record an album with longer and darker material. In the meantime, this album gives the band an opportunity to show a different side.

At first I was slightly disappointed with this album since I enjoyed the direction the band was on with previous releases. After a few more listens, I found while this is more accessible, it does contain some progressive moments on tracks like “Out Of Time” and “My Other Place”, which are the albums longest tracks. The rest of the album sounds too much like Phillips' other band, Alias Eye. Sorry but that’s my take of ’Paradise Out Of Time’. If you enjoy Alias Eye, then this is a nice companion piece to AE’s last album. Other than that, I find the album to be too ordinary and predictable sounding for the musician’s talents.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 8th, 2008


1. New Phase
2. The Key
3. Paradise
4. Out of Time
5. Beauty Passing
6. Citizen Cyclops
7. Holy Ground
8. Starlightbound
9. My Other Life

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